Shepherding. Context: Calf Reassurance & Protection (17)

Angelina has given birth to twins, a male and a female, who are a couple of days old. In this clip the female twin is in the care of Arora B (cousin), Amora (sister) and a third 2 year old female without tusks (daughter of mother’s niece). The twin decides to come investigate the vehicles at the road and the allomothers follow trying to dissuade her touching her Trunk-to-Mouth and seemingly trying to steer her away. So persists and stands next to our car. The allomothers continue to touch her and the littlest Coo-Rumbles (circled). The infant turns around and they escort her back toucher her and steering her Trunk-to-Genitals.

This short video from Amboseli National Park, Kenya, is part of The Elephant Ethogram: A Library of African Elephant Behavior. Visit to learn more.

Scientific compilation & editing: ElephantVoices,

Footage: ElephantVoices,

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