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Montréal Hearts Episode 1: Orient Express Episode 1- Orient Express. Reg discovers a dark secret about his escort agency employees. Having inherited Grumpy’s bar and the prostitution business “Montreal Hearts” from his dead father, Reg gathers all the girls and boys together for a memorable speech, and a stunning reveal. Starring Sally Tannenböm, Rob Corti, Ryan Hipgrave, Rosaruby Kagan, Adam Kelly, Jason McCullough, George Mougias, Christina Sciortino, Alison Vermaat, Directed and Edited by Shaun Malley, Cinematography by Elias Varoutsos, Sound by Philippe Bourret, Gaffer Rhuland Proudfoot, Grip J.S. Elie.

Musical Guest: The Unsettlers

Written and Produced by Adam Kelly. A Gung Horse Production.

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DJ Man in a Postey Van – DJ Chris Ware

How to get all your Disco gear in an 14 year old Escort Van in 1 minute 30 seconds.

Original Idea conceived by DJ Chris Ware and inspired by DJ Tony Rigg and DJ Raffa.
(do not try this at home unless you have first alerted the emergency services)

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Nerd Nite SF: Pick-Up Artistry w/ “GK” – 9/23/10

(Apologies for the laser pointers – those were provided by our sponsor. Never again!)

Nerd Nite SF presents:

“PUAs, HBs and AMOGs, Oh My!: An Introduction to Pickup Artistry” by GK

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, which is why an Internet subculture of very nerdy dudes developed a set of methods and terminology aimed at seducing the fairer sex. And no, they don’t all revolve around canned lines and furry hats. We bring in a former San Francisco social coach—one of the aforementioned “very nerdy dudes”—to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly of picking up women, from the first hello to getting her number. By the way, do you come here often?

Bio: Women didn’t come easily to GK, but sports did. San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-raised, he has spent most of his career as a sports journalist. After finally getting his groove on with the ladies in his late twenties, GK (just call him Greg) spent the last few years as the San Francisco-based instructor for Charisma Arts, teaching shy guys like him how to meet attractive girls and improve their social lives. He’s mostly retired from coaching now, but still enjoys sharing his thoughts on his blog, He is currently married to his guitar, Joan.

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Girls With Autism, ITV

Observational documentary on Britain’s only single sex school for teenage girls with autism. The film follows 15 year old Katie’s obsessive fixation with boys, 14 year old Beth who self harms and and 11 year old Abi a selective mute who’s only had imaginary friends until arriving here.

PRESS: “This superb documentary fulfilled that promise and more. But to say it was only “mythbusting” would be faint praise. Our understanding of autism tends to be so basic…that even a bad documentary could be mythbusting. Girls with Autism was better: mesmeric, sensitive and extremely amusing.” Iona McLaren, The Telegraph

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Karl LeRay (@hogbiker) Bike Escort

Video of the bike escort given to Karl LeRay on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 3:00pm in Anchorage, Alaska. Karl passed away on June 16 and was given this hero’s send-off for his many years of service to the country, his fellow bikers, his family, and too many friends to count.

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THE OPEN / Teaser 1 / “HAN!”

The Open – a film by Marc Lahore, with James Northcote, Maia Levasseur-Costil and Pierre Benoist; produced by Village 42. ‘Waiting for Godot’ version ‘Tank Girl’… with a Federer revamped by Mad Max. > Site:> Facebook:> Blog:

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The Make Out

Guy: Hello?
Girl: How is it that I’m the last person to know that we’ve made out?
A long talk awaits you?
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