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How A Guy Flirt A Girl

How A Guy Flirt A Girl

Grasshopper Style
Art of Seduction #2

Many guys tried to flirt this girl. That is normal in Bumbung dance as long as still in the ethic and morale. The interesting part when see this is the expression, movement and many tricks that guy will do to make the girl flirted with dance.

In this photo, the guy pretend to be a grasshopper.. so unique, I never seen like this before. So funny and also interesting see how he doing that (seems like stupid movement) just to flirt the girl. Many dancers pretend like a boss, a fat guy, a don juan, etc… but this one really rare dancing 🙂

Talking about seduction might quite taboo for eastern people like Indonesian and Balinese. Between sex and seduce just separate with a thin border, that’s why people looks so shy or worry to express this part.

Posted by Bali Freelance Photographer on 2011-06-29 02:43:43

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Hello 2021.

Posted by Scubaba on 2021-01-02 08:01:21

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Eyes Kirschtaria with our MyPhone 12 Pro Max – [Chris Two Designs]

Eyes Kirschtaria with our MyPhone 12 Pro Max - [Chris Two Designs]

A Bright new year with fantastic work from Eyes Kirschtaria’s!

He dropped another piece of art wearing our latest item, the MyPhone 12 Pro Max – [Chris Two Designs] + Case GACHA!
Please, everyone, give him a follow and a fave in his pictures 😉

The MyPhone 12 Pro Max – [Chris Two Designs] and the Cases GACHA are being sold at the LEVEL EVENT Taxi: LEVEL EVENT SLURL

With this item, your avatar will:
Scroll on Social Media (Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, and Marketplace)
Swipe on Tinder
Scroll on some PORN
Take calls
Hear prank audio on Whatsapp (with a loud Girl making some noises xD) Chat on Whatsapp and works as a typer
Take pictures by clicking to blick your flash
Apply two different Phone Cases Designs ( + 26 different designs from the GACHA, which can be purchased separately MyPhone 12 Pro Max Cases – [Chris Two Designs] )

OBS: All the functions are a combination of Bento Animation, Sound Effects, and Animated/Static Screens.

It is simple and easy. Just watch the video tutorial to learn about all the features included in the item and the HUD: MyPhone 12 Pro Max – Video Tutorial – [Chris Two Designs]

Don’t forget to visit our Mainstore to catch up with other of our designs, Taxi:
[Chris Two Designs] – Mainstore SLURL

Or visit our Second Life Marketplace Shop:
[Chris Two Designs] – Second Life Marketplace

Posted by [ Chris Two Designs ] on 2021-01-06 18:17:39

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Berlin SLUTWALK 15.09.2012 IMG_9897

Berlin SLUTWALK 15.09.2012 IMG_9897

Berlin center 09/15/2012. . Slutwalk. . SlutWalk Berlin. . PRESS RELEASE Berlin, 4.9.2012. . SLUTWALK against trivializing sexual violence. For self-determination !. . The second SlutWalk will take place in Berlin on September 15, 2012! It starts at 2 p.m. at Pariser Platz / Brandenburg Gate. The final rally will take place at Strausberger Platz … Speakers: NetzwerkB, Terre des Femmes, SlutWalkBerlin and others. . Let’s take to the streets together against sexual violence and its trivialization, against slut-shaming, accusations of victims and rape myths! And for our right to self-determination with regard to body, gender, sexual orientation, behavior, appearance and clothing … Let us demonstrate loudly or softly, pleading, demanding, angry, silent or screaming – as we want! But above all in solidarity! We are the SlutWalk, a big, worldwide movement, whoever we are, how we define ourselves, where we come from or want to go, how poor or rich we are, whether we have graduated from school or not, whether we are politically motivated and / or personally affected … We have a chance to change things! Let’s take it !. . I AM THE SLUTWALK :. . I am the little girl *, the woman * on the street, the boy * and the man *, am mother, daughter, doctor, sex worker, I am the acolyte, the home child, the Riot Grrrl, am manager, street sweeper, I am everyone Gender and queer, I am naked and high-necked, I come from all continents and from all cities, from the most varied of homes and I am on all paths, I am a person who has a right to physical integrity – and I am powerless … But I wake up from my powerlessness all over the world and stand as a big WE against the rape culture in order to say loud and clear here and now :. . IT IS ENOUGH! Don’t tell us what to wear so that YOU don’t rape us! . Don’t tell us who we can love so that YOU can accept it … Don’t touch us if we don’t say YES very clearly – just because YOU want to feel powerful … Don’t force us into a gender just because YOU don’t understand that there are more than two … Never touch our children! No way!. . Do not tell us that we are to blame if we experience sexual violence because YOU are a judge, policeman or someone else … Don’t tell us we’re lying, that it wasn’t as bad as we say, because YOU don’t even know how it was … Do not forbid us to love how, when and whom we want … Do not judge us and do not disadvantage us because of our bodies and what we do with them, because YOU think you have some right to it … We are angry that we are not adequately protected and heard by the police, public prosecutors and judges. We are angry because people can simply tell us that our clothing, self-definition, sexual orientation or our chosen gender are to blame when sexual violence is inflicted on us … We are angry when we are told from above how bad or not bad these attacks actually were … Because we have enough! Once and for all! We are strong, loud, angry, we are many and we are IN THE RIGHT !. . . WHAT ARE SLUTWALKS ?. . The form of demonstration SlutWalk has meanwhile become a global emancipation movement – with more than 200 SlutWalks all over the world today. Numerous SlutWalks also took place in many cities in Germany in 2011. On August 13, 2011, 3500 people demonstrated in Berlin for their right to self-determination with regard to body, gender and sexual desire. With this year’s SlutWalk we also want to set an example for the sustainability of this feminist emancipation movement. We have made strong alliances, but our socio-political goals are far from being achieved! That is why we are taking our emancipatory struggle onto the streets again this year. SlutWalks are demonstrations against sexism, sexualised violence, rape myths and derogations. What began in Toronto at the beginning of 2011 hits the nerve of our time … “She didn’t want it any other way” – a certain way of dressing. . Drinking alcohol or flirting: In 2012, certain behaviors and expressions are still used as reasons when people experience sexual violence. Society teaches: Don’t let yourself be raped, instead of: Don’t rape … THE ORIGIN:. . The Slutwalk has its origins in Toronto, Canada, where it took place for the first time on April 3, 2011. The occasion was the remark of a Canadian police officer who recommended women “not to dress like sluts in order not to become victims” of sexual behavior. The anger over this caused over 3,000 demonstrators in Toronto to loudly demand respect and justice for those affected instead of apologizing for the behavior of the perpetrators. Since then, the idea of ​​the SlutWalk has spread around the world and people have shown that they are tired of living in a society that belittles harassment and sexualized assault and those affected are complicit. . gives.. . THE CONCEPT OF THE BITCH. . The name SlutWalk implies that sexual violence already begins in the usage of language. “Slut” or “slut” stands for all terms and “advice” that exist to regulate sexuality. The demonstrators of the SlutWalk therefore appropriate the term in order to deconstruct it and take to the streets as a community of solidarity … They take up the topic on their banners and politicize it with slogans such as “My little black dress does not mean yes”, “It’s my hotbody, I do what I want” or “Feminism is fun, rape isn’t”. So they move through the city centers: some in hot pants, others with high necks … Contrary to the media representation, there are no dress codes for slut walks. All participants should organize their protest the way they want it … Since we see ourselves as part of the global SlutWalk movement, we also deal with the equally global criticism. At the moment we are mainly concerned with the question of how we can address ALL people. Not mainly, as often and rightly criticized, the “white middle class” … Rape culture is only possible through exclusion and intersectional oppression. These are mechanisms that we as a global movement are not allowed to adopt ourselves, that we clearly have to abolish! . SOLIDARITY. . At this point we would like to emphasize that the SlutWalk Berlin sees itself in this regard in the tradition of the SlutWalk Toronto and places SOLIDARITY in the foreground with those to whom the designation “slut” / “bitch” is externally determined and unintentionally “stamped”, as well with the people who define themselves as sluts in order to take away the offensive effect of the word. Nobody should feel obliged to call themselves a slut if this does not correspond to their own definition … On the other hand, we also consider the unbelievable abundance of cities in which the SlutWalk has run under this name and will continue to run. Including some in which the implementation was certainly not easy and was realized with great and admirable courage on the part of the organizers. We ourselves are impressed and grateful that so many people take to the streets all over the world to protest against the culture of rape and for self-determination … Here is a small selection of cities and countries in which SlutWalks have already taken place :. . Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin, Budapest, Cape Town, Chennai, Congo, Costa Rica, (New) Dehli, Frankfurt / Main, Glasgow, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Ithaca, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kingston, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon , London, Matagalpa, Melbourne, Miami, Mumbai, Munster, New Zealand, New York City, Pakistan, Paris, Prague, Rabat (Morocco), Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Taipei, Tegucigalpa, Tehran , Tel Aviv, Toronto, Turkey,…. . We would like to show solidarity with these and all other teams, establish networks and strengthen the movement … SlutWalk Berlin | Team 2012

Posted by T Rassloff on 2012-09-15 15:47:06

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