7 Reason Why Men Pull Away and Didn’t Call You Back

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After months of exchanging texts and emails, you finally meet and he is just as you had expected. He takes you out on a date, he is the perfect gentleman, compliments how you look, takes you to a romantic restaurant, you chat over a great meal, you get to know each other and after all is said and done, he beckons the taxi and drops you right to your doorstep. He even lends you his jacket as you walk to the door. Honestly speaking, you could not have thought the day would have gone any better. You quickly jot down your number when he asks for it and immediately you get into the house, you build a small cocoon next to the phone. You wait, and wait, and wait a little more but the call never comes. Why?

1/You let him have the cookie too early.

It is quite hard to tell when it is the right time to take the big step and sleep with a guy. While doing this on the first date might be a bold and fruitful step for some relationships, it might be the poison in others. Most men are known to lose interest when they land the big eagle. Initially they are driven by hormones and giving too early will reduce their interest in wanting to learn more about you.

2/He just wasn’t into you.

As much as most men carry the tag of being inhuman and selfish on their backs, there are some who are courteous enough to play along and fake it even when they find out you are not as he expected. It can be a hard pill to swallow for a lady to know that a guy was not into them for whatever reasons but it happens quite often. One of the ways you can tell if a guy likes you and will call back is by the fluidity of your conversation. If you chat like you have been best friends, then chances are he will call you back.

3/You tagged in some hefty problems.

Well, men are known to be quite shaky and strategic when it comes to committing. If you make a mistake of bringing up some topics like politics, problems with your roommate ex-boyfriends and nosey friends on your big date, he will not call back. You don’t want him to think that you are all about drama. By discussing these topics and others that are no go zones, you will be doing exactly that. Keep it civil and manageable. Don’t let you too much too soon.

4/You had a little too much to drink.

Whether your first date is at a romantic restaurant or whether it is at a club, you need to make sure you make a good first impression. While a glass of vodka will help to relieve the nerves, taking one too many that your speech is left blurry and you staggering hits your first impression hard. After all, no guy wants to deal with a lady who cannot control her alcohol.

5/You failed the reach in test.

There are some laws that are set by guys. They are not written anywhere and one of them is the reach in test. While he clearly knows that he is meant to pay for the meal especially on the first date, you also do not want him to think that you are there for a free meal as well. Which is why they expect you to at least make the effort to reach in for your wallet when the bill comes. Contrary to public opinion, a good number of men love a girl who is ambitious and has the ability to take care of herself.

6/You paid too much attention to your phone.

Who does not like some attention especially men? If you know you are a slave to your phone, you might want to leave it at home. Constantly checking your phone might make him think that he is wasting your time. Try some eye contact. It could do wonders. Most of all, you want to show him you are interested.

7/He is still hung up on his EX.

Then again, you might not be the problem. It could also be that he is still swirling and swooning over his ex. Men are known to find great ways to escape reality and one way is to go out on dates in a bid to try and move on. However, when he gets home, he quickly realizes this did not work in his favor.

Regardless of the reason why he does not call you back, the most important thing is to keep your pride intact. Think of it this way. You might have just saved yourself from dating a jerk. If you are wondering if you should call him back, it is okay but make sure you do not say anything that makes you look needy like asking him why he never called you back.

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